Thursday, 30 October 2008

Meaning is in the person not the word. But these are a few words we're using to describe our accommodation as we're struggling for a better name for our 'camping barn'; arcadian holistic warm cosy hyggli (Danish, pronounced 'hoogly', no direct translation but it's the feeling you get when safe, comfortable on a big warm sofa during a winter's evening with a cup of hot chocolate and a smile on your face) woolly woody relaxed earth contented natural entertaining nook touch look welcome comfy family sharing happy flexible double pond settle glory source home conscious insulation projection meeting fair calm underfloor instinctive sustainable curious different adventure practical simple peaceful plateau story tale eat meal content rest breath curve dry envelope local history myth friendly unusual untreated free kindling art paint russet tranquil undisturbed content stable soft sheltered protected listed generations full pleasurable satisfying

See if our meaning fits your meaning, stay at Fernhill Farm

The Mendip Mind

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Woolly Weekend

It's a Woolly Weekend ahead! We've gathered a selection of materials, tools, ideas and wool enthusiasts to get creative with a mass of fleeces and sheepskins. All we need is you! Try your hand at spinning, knitting, crocheting baby booties or use a peg loom to make a bum rug or double bed roll. Try your hand at delicate felt making or go bigger and make a mighty wall hanging. There really will be something for every age and ability. 

And all this will be happening in the unique camping barn. Prices start at £40 for the Woolly Weekend. To book or for more details contact Jen on 07903 584695 or

The Mendip Mind

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Digital Training Farm?

Viral campaigns, email marketing, rss feeds...the Active Mendip bunch are holding their first training seminar here next week to explain all of this. One of the members is a lecturer for the Chartered Institute of Marketing as well as running a communications company and organising the CLIC24 mountain bike marathon. Busy bloke. He's going to do an overview of Digital Marketing for the members and others. 

Digital marketing is crucial during the credit crunch. Effective marketing is definitely vital now and digital stuff can be virtually free - you've got a website haven't you? Make sure it' working effectively for you, that's what we're looking at now. Updating all the images to reflect the changing farm adding new downloads etc. Dead important at the moment.

If you want to come along the seminar is next weds 9am - 12noon, costs £30, what a bargain! Call the Active Mendip secretary to book a place on 07590 687537 or email

The Mendip Mind - digitally developing the farm!

Friday, 10 October 2008

Dress Like Today is Important

Today is really important. Today, right now, is reality. This means it's really important. So dress like it matters. Those people who have a grip on life are conscious people. They are awake and aware. They don't let life be a random set of events that happens to them. We should all make our life's a series of stimulating challenges, rewarding and enriching and with a conscience.

We dress like it matters on Mendip. We dress for the weather and with a conscience. We shear our Shetland sheep, which has some of the most amazing natural colours and produces the finest fleece for spinning, knitting and weaving. This gets turned into men's jerkins, children's jackets, boot liners, scarves, boas, rugs and on.

We're not saying you have to go around looking like some country bumpkin with some scratchy woolly on (our fleeces are spun to be smooth), just think about what you're wearing. Does it reflect you well? I saw some boots the other day, not my style but trendy, made from old bike bits - inner tubes and tyres. That matters

People are also booking their Christmas experience at Fernhill Farm. It will matter big time if you haven't booked your party yet and you find every is already booked. 

The Mendip Mind  

Wednesday, 1 October 2008


ABC CBA - a wise man once told me this phrase. It stands for All Been Changed Changed Back Again. For this sums up the weather at the moment. Mind you I don't worry about the weather changing it's when the weather stops that I'd begin to worry!

ABC CBA also sums up the new barn. One minute there's a group of youngsters in there learning about farming, the next it's a workshop on spinning sheep's wool and tonight it's a venue for the latest 'Lads Nite Owt'. Apparently that's an informal business network meeting, and yes women are invited. We always new the barn would be multi-purpose, we can section different areas off, remove the sleeping areas, bring in more seats, feed 1-100 people or more. It really has All Been Changed Changed Back Again. Whatever you want from the barn I'm sure we can provide it. 

Here are some shots from inside the barn to wet your appetite. Get in touch with us if you'd like a proper look around.