Wednesday, 25 February 2009

The Mendip Mind is back! After battling snow where our littl'uns were up to their waste and shifting sheep around like sudoko puzzle we're finally back to the Blog.
Five girls volunteered from GLADE to help us prepare for our school visits by planting seeds, building a bag garden, finishing of the key hole bed and best of all we now have a fuel efficient clay oven / stove. The girls mixed up soil, clay and sand to create the perfect medium 
to slap together and create the stove - I think it will be perfect to burn / use up all the little willow wands too small for weaving.....and so the cycle goes on and I can hopefully have a nice cuppa while out in my garden for years to come - grand!!
Next stage is to move our Round-house made from hazel sticks and dried reeds (left behind from Big Green Gathering) on top of the stove to create an exact replica of an African small holding within our Glory Hole Garden. During the school visits I aim to get the hazel side covered with the clay mix and a chimney out the side and we are ready to cook!
Where are the tropical friuts and endless sunshine?   
The Mendip Mind