Thursday, 7 May 2009

Sheep Racing at the North Somerset Show

Fernhill Farm shetlands go to the show for shearing and sheep racing:
After moments of intensive attitude training, 24 of our keenest shetlands were transported in their luxury vechilcle to North Somerset Show to be the main ring star sheep racing attraction. At 2.30pm, the first 6 jockeys mounted their woolly steeds and the public placed their bets. The tension mounted and the gate swung open....bounding, leaping and jumping, our Katmoget-go-go winning sheep crossed the line in just 7 seconds to win the first sprint and the lucky gamblers taking a chance, doubled their money.

A further 4 races followed with our 
Moveover Morrit & Black Flash trying their best but Katmoget-go-go's time could not be beat. To rapturous appaulse, the courageous racers left the ring and a respectable amount of funds had been raised for a local Mendip charity.
Thanks to all the helpers with our sheep and to the Show stewards

The Mendip Racing Mind

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