Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Wild Whittling Walks

Wild Walks, now there's a nice idea. You could do lots around the Farm - we've got loads of different habitats here. Mini-beast trails along drystone walls, willow and water, amazing meadows, let alone the really Wild Walks you could have over the weekend when the Big Green Gathering is here! Our friend Adrian Boots is the local wildlife guru. He only lives around the corner and has helped us here at the farm with doing some wildlife walks for groups. He's written the new Wild Walks leaflet for the Mendip Hills AONB Service. You can get it from the Gorge Outdoors shop in Cheddar for a fiver. Very good and interesting.

Adrian runs Walk the Mendips where you can have mini-adventures camping out and learning bushcraft stuff.

The Mendip Mind is off to whittle a stick

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