Tuesday, 26 May 2009

History of Fernhill Farm

We’re often asked about the history behind Fernhill Farm and it’s quite a long tale as you can imagine. But the best place to go and read about it in an easily digestible format is at the Big Green Gathering website, here’s the link. We wrote it a few years ago now (it mentions Kyle but not Seth our youngest!) but it gives a really good picture of the Farms history. Get a cup of tea and a few biccies, sit down and have a nice read.

The Mendip Mind

Wednesday, 20 May 2009


Remember we had all those school children up at Fernhill a few months ago learning about keyhole gardens and listening to Jane the Ugandan Farmer? Well you can listen to a great interview with Helen Kongai, Send a Cow's Agricultural Development Officer for eastern Uganda, when she was interviewed on BBC Radio 4's Midweek programme. Really good background. Helen Kongai is a Ugandan farmer who received a cow and training in sustainable agriculture from the Send a Cow initiative after the death of her husband. Since then she has become their Agricultural Development Officer for Eastern Uganda. She was visiting the UK to help promote Grow it Global project, encouraging schoolchildren in the UK visiting farms and learning about sustainable farming.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Wild Whittling Walks

Wild Walks, now there's a nice idea. You could do lots around the Farm - we've got loads of different habitats here. Mini-beast trails along drystone walls, willow and water, amazing meadows, let alone the really Wild Walks you could have over the weekend when the Big Green Gathering is here! Our friend Adrian Boots is the local wildlife guru. He only lives around the corner and has helped us here at the farm with doing some wildlife walks for groups. He's written the new Wild Walks leaflet for the Mendip Hills AONB Service. You can get it from the Gorge Outdoors shop in Cheddar for a fiver. Very good and interesting.

Adrian runs Walk the Mendips where you can have mini-adventures camping out and learning bushcraft stuff.

The Mendip Mind is off to whittle a stick

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Racing Stock

Fernhill's fine racing stock at the North Somerset Show

Sheep Racing at the North Somerset Show

Fernhill Farm shetlands go to the show for shearing and sheep racing:
After moments of intensive attitude training, 24 of our keenest shetlands were transported in their luxury vechilcle to North Somerset Show to be the main ring star sheep racing attraction. At 2.30pm, the first 6 jockeys mounted their woolly steeds and the public placed their bets. The tension mounted and the gate swung open....bounding, leaping and jumping, our Katmoget-go-go winning sheep crossed the line in just 7 seconds to win the first sprint and the lucky gamblers taking a chance, doubled their money.

A further 4 races followed with our 
Moveover Morrit & Black Flash trying their best but Katmoget-go-go's time could not be beat. To rapturous appaulse, the courageous racers left the ring and a respectable amount of funds had been raised for a local Mendip charity.
Thanks to all the helpers with our sheep and to the Show stewards

The Mendip Racing Mind

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

The Source

Or should that be The (Mint) Sauce? Lambs are still popping out all over the place up here at Fernhill.

The Source though is a really good 'green' paper coming from Bristol. They're going to feature Fernhill Farm in an upcoming issue. I went to look at their website and have found an amazing resource and bank of knowledge. There's a whole section on Farming and Food! Kept me amused for hours. I think they're going to talk to us about the impact of the Big Green Gathering on the farm. We'll let you know when it's going to be in the mag.

The Mendip Mind